Prince George’s County, Maryland is a diverse and multicultural community bordering the eastern edges of our Nation's Capital. The Prince George’s County Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department responded to a total of over 122,600 calls for service last year.


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Fire/EMS Department Headquarters
Largo Government Center
9201 Basil Court, Suite 452
Largo, Maryland 20774

Phone: 301-583-2200
(24 hour, Operations Center)
or 301-883-5200
(Business Hours: 8:30am to 5pm, M-F)
Fax: 301-883-5212


Our Mission

The Fire/EMS Department strives to improve the quality of life in Prince George’s County by promoting safety, and providing the highest quality of fire prevention, fire protection, emergency medical services, and community outreach programs.

Our Vision

The actions of the Fire/EMS Department will be guided by an understanding of the needs of our customers, while we ensure the highest commitment to safety, professionalism, integrity, and care.

Our Code of Ethics

As A Representatives Of The Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department :

  • We acknowledge that our three fundamental duties are to serve this community; to safeguard lives and property; and to respect the rights of all.
  • We understand and hereby recognize and commit that our actions must always remain above reproach;
  • We will remain honest in thought and deed in both personal and official life, and commit that we will strive to conduct our private affairs in a wholesome manner;
  • We will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of this Department;
  • We will never permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence our decisions;
  • We will be constantly mindful of the welfare of others, and
  • We will never act maliciously or resort to unnecessary force or violence in the performance of duties.

Should information of a confidential nature be confided in the course of our duties, such information will be kept in confidence unless its revelation is deemed to be absolutely necessary to fulfill our obligation.
We recognize that being permitted to be a part of this organization is both an honor and an expression of public faith. We openly accept this honor as a public trust, to be held only so long as we remain true to the ethical and moral values of the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department.

Prevention and Planning Over Response

As important as our response capabilities are to the protection of the eight hundred plus thousand residents of Prince George’s County, nothing can be more important to the well-being of our community than the prevention of fires, accidents and illnesses before they occur. We do this by focusing our attention on educating our communities on the following topics;

  • How to make their homes safer from the dangers of fire,
  • The importance of home protection devices, such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and residential sprinklers
  • Proper planning for natural and manmade disasters, including emergency supplies, how to shelter in place, and when and how to evacuate when told to do so
  • How to avoid needless injuries
  • How to monitor and make lifestyle changes to prevent or manage long-term illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes



The Emergency Operations Command (EOC) is the largest and most visible to the public. The EOC includes daily operations and of all emergency services, both Fire and EMS. The EOC incorporates both sworn career and volunteer Fighterfighter/EMT's. The EOC is further split into Northern and Southern Divisions. The dividing line between North and South within the fire department is Central Avenue or Maryland Route 214 Within each division there are a set of battalions, Battalions 1,2,4,and 6 are located in the Northern Division and Battalions 3,5,and 7 are located within the Southern Division. "The PGFD's busiest service areas are located within Battalions 1,3,and 5 which includes the area commonly bordered by the District line to the west, Central Avenue to the north, the Capitol Beltway to the east, and Allentown Road to the South. These areas represent better than 60% of the PGFD's total calls for service, as they contain the highest population densities."[7]


The Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department is organized into seven battalions. A breakdown of the battalions into communities and stations within the county is as follows:

Battalion 1 serves the communities of Capitol Heights, Landover, Seat Pleasant, and Largo. It includes stations 5, 6, 8, 30, 33, 37, 38, and 46.
Battalion 2 serves the communities of New Carrollton, Lanham, Bowie,and Glenn Dale. It includes stations 16, 18, 19, 28, 39, 43, and 48.
Battalion 3 serves the communities of District Heights, Morningside, Hillcrest Heights, Suitland,and Forestville. It includes stations 17, 23, 26, 27, and 29.
Battalion 4 the communities of Langley Park, Chillum, Brentwood, College Park,and Riverdale. It includes stations 1, 7, 9, 12, 13, 34, 44, and 55.
Battalion 5 serves the communities of Accokeek, Camp Springs,and Oxon Hill. It includes stations 21, 24, 32, 42, and 47.
Battalion 6 serves the communities Laurel, Greenbelt, Beltsville,and Berwyn Heights. It includes stations 10, 11, 14, 31, 35, 41, and 49.
Battalion 7 serves the communities Upper Marlboro, Clinton,and Brandywine. It includes stations 20, 25, 36, 40, and 45.

The Administrative Services command includes Human Resources, Logistics and Supply, Fiscal Affairs, Facilities and Resource Planning, and Apparatus Maintenance. The Administrative services command incorporates both sworn career firefighters and career civilian employees.

The Special Operations Command includes The Office of the Fire Marshal, Risk Management and Safety, Professional Standards, The Fire/EMS Training Academy, and Technical Services. Technical Services includes, but is not limited to the department's HazMat Team, Bomb Squad, and specialty rescue companies.

Basic Response Guidelines[edit]

  • Local Alarm
    • Local Alarm(Respond/Proceed): 1 Engine
    • Rescue Local: 1 Engine, 1 Rescue Squad or Rescue Engine, 1 Ambulance
    • Rescue Local with Entrapment(Upgrade): 1Engine, 1 Rescue Squad or Rescue Engine, 1 Medic Unit, 1 EMS Supervisor, 1 Battalion Chief
    • Ambulance Local: 1 Engine or 1 Ambulance
    • Medical Local: 1 Engine or 1 Ambulance, 1 Medic Unit
    • Medical Local(Shooting/Stabbing): 1 Engine, 1 Ambulance, 1 Medic Unit
    • Working Code: Report of CPR in progress. 1 Engine, 1 Ambulance, 1 Medic Unit, EMS-Duty Officer
    • Haz-Mat. Local: 1 Engine, 1 Haz-Mat. Unit
  • Street Assignment: 2 Engines, 1 Truck/Tower, 1 Special Service(Tower, Truck, Quint, Rescue Engine or Rescue Squad), 1 Battalion Chief
    • Street Assignment(In Non-Hydrated Areas): 2 Engines, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad), 1 Tanker, 1 Battalion Chief
    • Haz-Mat. Street Assignment: 2 Engines, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad), 1 Haz-Mat. Unit, 1 Ambulance, 1 Medic Unit, 1 EMS Supervisor, 1 Battalion Chief
  • Box Alarm: 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad), 1 Ambulance 2 Battalion Chief
    • Box Alarm(In Non-Hydrated Areas): 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad), 3 Tankers, 1 Water Supply Unit, 1 Ambulance, 2 Battalion Chiefs
    • Haz-Mat. Box Alarm: 4 Engines, 2 Special Services(Truck or Rescue Squad), 1 Haz-Mat. Unit, 1 Ambulance, 1 Medic Unit, 1 EMS Supervisor, 1 Haz-Mat. Coordinator, 2 Battalion Chiefs
  • Working Fire(Upgrade): 1 Medic Unit, 1 Safety Officer, 1 EMS Duty Officer
  • Task Force Alarm(Optional Upgrade): 2 Engines, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad)
  • 2nd Alarm: 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad)
  • 3rd Alarm: 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad)
  • 4th Alarm: 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad)
  • 5th Alarm: 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Special Service(Truck or Rescue Squad)
  • Airplane/Train Crash: 2 Engines, 1 Rescue Squad, 1 Haz-Mat. Unit, 1 Foam Unit, 1 Brush Unit, 1 Ambulance, 1 Medic Unit, 1 EMS Supervisor, 2 Battalion Chiefs

A Street Assignment is an odor of natural gas inside of structure, investigation of something burning inside of structure, electrical socket sparking, chimney fire, and other similar things.

A Box Alarm is the report of smoke or fire in ANY structure, such as a house, building, apartment, condo, townhouse, or school


 Battalion 1 includes Stations: 5,6,8,30,33,37,38,46
Battalion 2 includes Stations: 16,18,19,28,39,43,48
Battalion 3 includes Stations: 17,23,26,27,29
Battalion 4 includes Stations: 1,7,9,12,13,34,44,55
Battalion 5 includes Stations: 21,24,32,42,47
Battalion 6 includes Stations: 10,11,14,31,35,41,49
Battalion 7 includes Stations: 20,25,36,40,45

Battalion 1 serves all communities in the general vicinity of Capitol Heights, Landover, Seat Pleasant, and Largo.
Battalion 2 serves all communities in the general vicinity of New Carrollton, Lanham, Bowie,and Glenn Dale.
Battalion 3 serves all communities in the general vicinity of District Heights, Morningside, Hillcrest Heights, Suitland,and Forestville.
Battalion 4 serves all communities in the general vicinity of Langley Park, Chillum, Brentwood, College Park,and Riverdale.
Battalion 5 serves all communities in the general vicinity of Accokeek, Camp Springs,and Oxon Hill.
attalion 6 serves all communities in the general vicinity of Laurel, Greenbelt, Beltsville,and Berwyn Heights
Battalion 7 serves all communities in the general vicinity of Upper Marlboro, Clinton,and Brandywine.


1 Hyattsville VFD 6300 Belcrest Road  4th Bat. E801 TK801, RS801 PA801, A801, A801B C801, C801A, C801B
5 Capitol Heights VFD 6061 Central Ave 1st Bat. E805, E805B  A805 M805 U805, C805, C805A
6 St. Joseph's Drive (PGFD)  2907 St Joseph Drive   1st Bat E806 RS806 PA806, A806 TR806, Collapse Response 806, BC881, NEMSDO-EMS811
7 Riverdale VFD  4714 Queensbury Road  4th Bat. E807, E807B TW807 A807, A807B C807, C807A, C807B
8 Seat Pleasant VFD 6305 Allison Road 1st Bat E808, E808B  A808 M808 C808, C808A, C808B
9 Bladensburg VFD 4213 Edmonton Road  4th Bat. E809, E809B, E809C TK809 A809 C809, C809A, C809B
10 Laurel VFD  7411 Cherry Lane  6th Bat.  E810, E810B, E810C TW810 M810, A810, A810B C810, C810A, C810B HMU810
11 Branchville VFD 4905 Branchville Road 6th Bat E811, E811B,  A811, A811B, C811, C811A, C11B, U811
12 College Park VFD  8115 Baltimore Ave  4th Bat. E812, E812B TK812 M812, A812, PA812, A812C F812, HMSU812, U812, C812, C812A, C812B HMU812
13 Riverdale Heights VFD 6101 Roanoke Ave 4th Bat E813, E813B  A813 C813
14 Berwyn Heights VFD  8811 60th Ave  6th Bat  TK814, RS814, RS814B A814, A814B TS814, U814, C814, C814A, C814B
16 Northview (PGFD)  14901 Heath Center Drive  2nd Bat E816  PA816 M816 HMSU816, BAU816, DU816, BC882, Safety Officer 800
17 Boulevard Heights VFD 4101 Alton Drive  3rd E817, E817B  A817 U817, C817, C817A
18 Glenn Dale VFA  11900 Glen Dale Blvd ( RT 193)  2nd Bat  E818, RE818 RS818 M818, A818, A818B C818, C818A, C818B
19 Bowie VFD  13008 9th Street 2nd Bat E819, E819B TW819 A819 C819, C819A
20 Marlboro VFD  14815 Pratt Street  7th Bat E820, E820B RS820 A820 BR820, C820, C820A, C820B
21 Oxon Hill VFD   7600 Livingston Road 5thBat E821, E821B TK821 PA821 C821, C821A, C821B
23 Forestville VFD 8321 Old Marlboro Pike 3rd Bat E823, E823B  A823 BR823, U823, Tanker 823, C823, C823A, C823B
24 Accokeek VFD 16111 Livingston Road  5th Bat E824, E824B TW824 A824 MP824, BR824, C824, C8824A, C824B
25 Clinton VFD 9025 Woodyard Road 7th bat. E825, E825B TK825 M825, A825 Water Supply 825, C825, C825A, C825B
26 District Heights VFD  6608 Marlboro Pike 3rd Bat. E826, E826B TW826 M826, A826, A826B BC883, C826, C826B, SEMSDO-EMS814
27 Morningside VFD 6200 Suitland Road 3rd Bat E827, RE827 RS827 A827 C827, C827B, C827C
28 West Lanham Hills VFD 7609 Annapolis Road 2nd Bat E828, E828B TK828  MP828, C828, C828A, C828B
29 Silver Hill VFD 3900 Silver Hill Rd 3rd Bat E829, E829B TK829 M829, A829, A829B U829, C829, C829A, C829B
30 Landover Hills VFD  6801 Webster Street 1st Bat PE830, E830  M830, A830 Medical Ambulance Bus 830, C830, C830A
31 Beltsville VFD   4911 Prince Georges St  6th Bat E831, E831B TK831 A831 U831, BR831, C831, C831A, C831B
32 Allentown Road VFD  8709Alantown Road  5th Bat E832, E832B TK832 A832 BR832, BC885, C832, C832A, C832B
33 Kentland VFD  7701Landover Road 1st Bat E833, E833B TW833, RE833 A833 MP833, C833, C833A, C833B
34 Chillum-Adelphi VFD 7833 Riggs Road 4th Bat. E834, E834B TK834 A834 C834, C834A, C834B
35 Greenbelt VFD 6th E835, E835B  A835, A835B C835, C835A, C835B, U835
36 Baden VFD 7th E836B, ET836  A836 BR836, Tanker 836, C836, C836A, C836B
37 Ritchie VFD 1st E837, E837B, E837C TK837  MP837, C837, C837A, C837B
38 Chapel Oaks VFD 1st E838 PE838 TK838 PA838, A838 C838, C838A, C838B
39 Bowie VFD 2nd E839, E839B TW839 A839 BR839
40 Brandywine VFD 7th E840, RE840 RS840 M840 TN840, BR840, C840, C840A, BC887
41 Beltsville VFD 6th PE841, E841  A841 U841, BC886, C841
42 Oxon Hill VFD 5th PE842, E842B  A842 C842A, C842B
43 Bowie VFD 2nd E843, E843B TK843 A843 BR843, Tanker 843
44 Chillum (PGFD) 4th PE844  M844, A844  
45 Marlboro (Croom) (PGFD) 7th E845, ET845 TW845 M845 HMSU845,
46 Kentland (Largo) (PGFD) 1st PE846  M846, A846 C846, C846A
47 Allentown Road VFD 5th E847, E847B RS847 M847, A847 TS 847, B847, C847, C847A
48 West Lanham Hills VFD 2nd E848, E848B  A848, A848B, A848C BX848, C848A, C848B
49 Laurel VRS 1st RE849 RS849 A849, A849B M849 M849B WR849, WSU849 U849
55 Bunker Hill VFRC 4th E855, E855B TK855 A855 MCSU855, MP855, BC884, C855, C855A, C855B
58 National Harbor (PGFD) 5th   A858 

E-Engine / PE - Paramedic Engine / RE - Rescue Engine / ET - Engine Tanker/ TK - Truck / TW - Tower
RS - Rescue Squad/  M - Medic Unit/  A - Ambulance/ PA - Paramedic Ambulance/ BC - Battalion Chief
C - Chief/ TR - Technical Rescue/ TS - Technical Support Unit/  F - Foam Unit/HMU - HazMat Unit
HMSU - HazMat Support Unit / B - Boat / U - Utility/BR - Brush/MP - Mini Pumper
MCSU - Mass Casualty Support Unit/ BAU- Breathing Apparatus Unit

Special designations[edit]

Co. 15 - Fire Investigators & Bomb Squad

Co. 56/57 - Water Rescue & Recovery Team
 Dive Unit, Dive Support Unit, 22' Boston Whaler, (2) 14' Support Boats, 2 Fireboats

Co. 62 - Apparatus Maintenance

Co. 65 - Fire/EMS Training Academy

Consolidated or disbanded fire stations/companies[edit]

Co. 2 - Cottage City Volunteer Fire Company
 Consolidated into Company 55

Co. 3 - Mount Rainier Volunteer Fire Company
 Consolidated into Company 55

Co. 4 - Brentwood Volunteer Fire Company
 Consolidated into Company 55

Co. 6 - Hillside Volunteer Fire Department
 Disbanded in 1999. This station was located at 1234 Larchmont Avenue in Capitol Heights. When the new station on St. Joseph's Drive in Largo opened it was given 6 as its number designation

Co. 22 - Tuxedo-Cheverly Fire Station
 Closed until further notice, all units have moved to Station 6 on St. Joseph's Drive.

Co. 53 - Special Operations Division (Haz Mat/Bomb Squad)
 Services relocated to other stations/offices

Office of the Fire Chief    
301-883-5212 Fax
FSB Receptionist    301-583-1900
Fire Commission    301-583-1913
301-583-1912 Fax
Chaplain Corps    301-583-1922
Legal Affairs    301-883-5340
Peer Mediation    240-508-6062
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) Team    301-883-6270
Press Information Office    301-883-5220
301-883-5764 Fax
Graphics    301-583-2246
Employee/Volunteer Assistance Program    301-883-6270
301-883-6107 Fax
Office of Emergency Management    301-583-1899
301-583-1986 Fax
Office of Professional and Career Development    Office 301-883-5202
Fax 301-883-3783
Management Services Command    301-883-5240
301-883-5243 Fax
Fiscal Affairs    301-883-5152
301-883-7636 Fax
Human Resources    301-883-7644
301-883-7636 Fax
Apparatus Maintenance    301-817-3761
301-817-3760 Fax
Logistics & Support Services    301-883-0350
301-883-0357 Fax
Information Management    301-883-7183
301-883-7636 Fax
Public Safety Communications
Dispatch Center, Non-Emergency 24-HR
Emergency Dial    301-499-8400
301-499-1338 Fax
Occupational Safety & Health
Infection Control
24-Hour Post Exposure Hotline    301-583-1951
301-583-1837 Fax
Special Operations Command    301-883-5230
301-883-5212 Fax
Fire Prevention    301-583-1830
301-583-1945 Fax
Fire Investigations    301-583-1880
301-583-1971 Fax
Special Operations Division    301-883-7753
301-809-1370 Fax
Public Affairs    301-883-5250
301-883-7636 Fax
Fire/EMS Training Academy    301-856-3410
301-856-0948 Fax
Special Operations Division    301-883-7753
301-809-1370 Fax
Emergency Operations Command    301-883-5210
301-925-6595 Fax
Quality Assurance    301-583-1907
301-583-1985 Fax
Fire/EMS Operations Center    301-583-2200
301-583-2210 Fax
Fire/Rescue Operations    301-583-1973
301-583-1985 Fax
Advanced Emergency Medical Services    301-583-1860
301-583-1807 Fax
Prince George's County Volunteer Fire
& Rescue Association    301-583-1910
301-583-1967 Fax
Prince George's County Professional Firefighters
& Paramedics Association Local #1619    301-805-5300
301-262-6747 Fax








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